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Total Cost of Ownership: KBB 2012 Awards

Here are the results of the 2012 Kelley’s Blue Book Total Cost of Ownership Awards.

Some of the costs of ownership are unavoidable, like fuel. However, Insurance is one thing you can control. Getting a quote is the easiest way to lower your total cost of ownership.

Class Winner MSRP Total Cost of Ownership
Best Brand Kia
Best Luxury Brand Audi
Subcompact Car Nissan Versa $11,770 $29,252
Compact Car Kia Soul $14,650 $31,417
Mid Size Car Hyundai Sonata $20,570 $38,476
Full Size Car Chevrolet Impala $26,585 $47,957
Sports Car Mazda MX-5 Miata $24,265 $42,602
Entry Level Luxury Car Volvo C30 $25,825 $42,367
Luxury Car Audi A5 $37,975 $56,908
High End Luxury Car Lexus LS 460 $68,505 $90,234
High Performance Car Lexus IS F $61,535 $77,140
Compact Crossover Nissan Juke $20,770 $36,627
Crossover Hyundai Santa Fe $24,050 $42,628
Luxury Crossover Lexus RX 350 $39,950 $52,217
Mid Size Sport Utility Jeep Wrangler $22,945 $41,764
Full Size Sport Utility Ford Expedition $38,595 $63,562
Luxury Sport Utility Audi Q7 $47,125 $67,630
Mid Size Pickup Truck Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab $17,685 $36,655
Full Size Pickup Truck Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular $31,315 $49,371
Minivan Mazda Mazda5 $20,420 $37,480
Hybrid Car Honda Insight $19,290 $32,884
Hybrid Utility Ford Escape Hybrid $31,395 $45,051
Electric Car Chevrolet Volt $39,995 $40,629

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