Home Replacement Cost: Interior Features

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Interior Features

What percentage of the total floor area of your home is served or protected by the following:

Central Burglar Alarm System
A centrally controlled burglar alarm with an alarm bell or auto-phone call attached, connected to the exterior doors and windows of the home.

Central Fire Alarm System
A centrally controlled, hardwired fire/smoke alarm system with an alarm bell or auto-phone call attached. Do not use this item for individual battery-powered smoke detectors.

Central Stereo System
A central cabinet that contains high quality stereo components such as a tuner, amplifier, cassette player, CD changer, keypad, remote control unit and speakers. The stereo system is wired throughout the home.

Central Vacuum System
A vacuum system with centralized motor/system with wall outlets to each room.

Intercom System
Intercom system wired to each room of the home.

Fireplaces & Wood Stoves

How many of the following fireplaces and/or wood stoves are in your home?

Fireplace, Direct
Factory built, gas-fired, metal fireplace unit, vented directly outdoors in lieu of an installed metal flue or a masonry chimney. Costs include installation labor.

Fireplace, Zero Clearance, Pre-Fab
A prefabricated, zero clearance, metal firebox that is installed into a frame wall. The surrounding construction simulates that of a masonry fireplace in design and materials.

Fireplace, Single
A masonry fireplace consisting of a single firebox and masonry chimney with a single flue.

Fireplace, Double
Two masonry fireplaces either back-to-back or on two different floors sharing the same chimney but with separate flues.

Fireplace, Triple
Three masonry fireplaces either back-to-back or on different floors sharing the same chimney but with separate flues.

Fireplace, Gas
A zero clearance fireplace or prefabricated insulated metal cabinet with a metal flue, that burns natural gas or propane rather than wood. The units are equipped with an automatic ignition system that allows them to be controlled by a wall switch, button or remote control.

Fireplace, Kiva
A beehive-type fireplace built into a stucco or masonry wall and is usually found in the southwest.

Fireplace/Wood Stove, Free-Standing
A freestanding, cast-iron wood-burning stove or fireplace including a metal chimney vented through the roof.

Conveying Systems

How many of the following conveying systems are in your home?

Lift, Chair
A chair used to transport a single person from one floor to the next. The chair lift is installed in a stairway and is pulled along a track attached to a side wall.

A light-duty, slow-speed electric passenger elevator used to move people from one floor to another in a building.  The elevator consists of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft.

Lift, Wheelchair
A scissor-lift platform or elevator used to transport a single person from one floor to the next.

Other Interior Items

What square footage is you finished attic and how many of the following interior items are in your home?

Attic, Finished
The “build-out” of the space immediately below the roof of a dwelling that does not have adequate roof pitch/slope or ceiling height to qualify as a half or three-quarter story. Minimal partitions have been provided, as well as a simple stairway to access the space. Most likely, the space will not meet the code for living space.

Door, French
Single or double doors in which the majority of the door area is made up of one or more panes of glass surrounded by a frame. One or both doors swing open on hinges. Traditionally made of wood. *Count each door.

Hot Tub
A bath that heats and maintains heat of water during usage.

A trade name bath that combines heat and pressure jets together as one system.

Staircase, Spiral Metal
A metal circular staircase with one or more turns about a central axis.

Staircase, Spiral, Wood
A wooden circular staircase with a wooden railing that turns about a central axis in a circular fashion.

Vanity (Custom Installed)
A base cabinet, lower cabinet, or piece of furniture that is built around or below a bathroom sink.  It is mounted to the floor and has drawers and or doors that are used for storage.

Wet Bar
A service bar including the water supply, drain, and sink.

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