Home Replacement Cost: General Information

To get an accurate estimate of your home replacement cost you need as much detail about your house as possible. To speak with a licensed agent call (847) 487-5700 and we will be glad to walk you through the process. For a better idea of what information is needed and how it is used to find your home replacement cost, see the definitions below.

*indicates information that is required

General Information

*Property Zip Code
The ZIP code or Canadian postal code of the property being valued.

Zip code is used for the following:

  • To set the local wage rates and material costs used in the cost calculation
  • To set various geographic variables (wind zone, seismic zone, etc.)
  • To set the default material selections for the home (in conjunction with the year built, home size, style and number of families)

*Number of Families
The number of family units (one family, two family, three family, or four family) in the residence. The number of families (along with the ZIP/Postal Code, year built, style and home size) is used in the cost calculations, and to set the default material selections for the home

Current Coverage Amount
Your current Coverage A amount for the policy.

  • Coverage A (Dwelling) is the part of the dwelling policy that covers the dwelling and attached additions (for example, screened porches and breezeways, attached garage, etc.). Coverage A also covers the materials and supplies for the construction, alteration, or repair of the residence.

Additional Information

Exterior Walls
Exterior Features
Kitchen & Bath
Partition Walls
Wall Finish
Ceiling Finish
Floor Finish
Heating & Cooling
Interior Features
Garages & Carports
Attached Structures
Detached Structures

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